Only a few years ago, having an Instagram presence was sufficient for businesses to remain one step ahead of rivals. Today, 60 percent of Instagram users discover new goods & services, and 80 percent of users follow a brand on the platform.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that 25 million companies utilize Instagram for enriching their social media marketing. Instagram offers enormous marketing possibilities, regardless of the size or the niche of your brand.

However, with so many rivals on the market, it is critical to create an effective Instagram marketing plan in order to outperform them. So, what’s the answer? Marketing using video content!

Whatever Instagram video format you select, it’s critical to know easy video ideas to capture your audience’s attention, engage your followers, and improve business outcomes without investing a lot of time and money in video production.

This post discusses 4 creative Instagram video Ideas that you can deploy on your Instagram to enhance your reach and build an impactful presence on the platform.

Best Performing 4 Creative Video Ideas for Instagram

People like watching videos and the good news for you is; there is no need to invest in costly video ads to engage your Instagram followers, spread the word about your product, and boost income.

You can hop on the trend of video content marketing and achieve better business outcomes even if you’re on a budget with easy Instagram video ideas without a significant monetary or time investment by leveraging a Video creator.

Here are the top 4 video creation ideas for Instagram.

1. Product Overview Videos

With loads of branded information bombarding your consumers from all directions, modern consumers pay attention to goods that meet their requirements.

As a result, before making a purchase choice, consumers look for product reviews to verify that your solution can address their issues.

It goes without saying that convincing your consumers to produce product review videos for you may be a tough nut to crack. A product overview, on the other hand, is simple to create – just demonstrate your product in action.

BaliBody, for example, demonstrates how to utilize their items with a brief in-feed Instagram video. It piques the interest of followers, causing them to want to test the product.

It’s no surprise that many companies utilize IGTV for business, given the increasing demand for long-form instructional videos. Furthermore, it is a method to demonstrate your specialized knowledge and provide a product summary.

As a marketer or company owner, you are well-versed in the advantages of your product. As a result, it doesn’t take much effort, expertise, or time to teach your prospective consumers how to use your product and offer them compelling reasons to try it.

2. Leverage UGC for Videos

Unless you encourage your followers to produce user-generated Videos for Instagram related to your brand, creating video content may take a lot of time and work. Did you know that videos produced by people get 10x the number of views as sponsored content?

For companies, this implies that UGC is a low-cost method to demonstrate the popularity of their product. Unsurprisingly, even large companies that can afford video production resort to their followers for UGC videos.

GoPro, like most big corporations, has a devoted following of users all around the world. As a result, the business holds social media competitions to encourage followers to submit user-generated content in exchange for the opportunity to win significant rewards.

Today, user-generated content (UGC) videos enable companies of all sizes to spread the word about their goods, build brand loyalty and trust, and save money on marketing.

If you want to obtain more UGC films, engage with your fans and offer them a compelling incentive to create videos for you, whether it’s a shout-out on Instagram or an exclusive deal.

3. Market your Offline Events

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could combine online and offline marketing? Companies may now use social media to advertise offline events in order to raise brand recognition, boost reach and engagement, and offer followers with new content.

Because of the popularity of short-lived content such as Instagram Stories and Livestream, it is simple to utilize your phone to broadcast your offline event.

Go live on social media to reach your audience in real-time if you want to keep them viewing videos longer. Because live stream broadcasts cause FOMO (fear of missing out), viewers watch videos because they are scared of missing out on something essential.

If you don’t have time to broadcast the whole event, you may show your offline event by uploading small videos to Instagram Stories.

4. Influencer Collaboration Videos

Influencer marketing is not a novel idea. Because consumers seek the advice of their peers before making a purchase decision, many companies work with influencers to advertise their goods on social media. Influencers may also assist you with video content production.

Although working with celebrities may be intimidating for small businesses, there are several methods to reach your target audience without spending a lot of money on marketing, whether you want to collaborate with video influencers or convert your customers into brand champions.

If you don’t want to waste your advertising budget on an influencer marketing campaign that won’t provide excellent results, get math assistance to calculate the profit margin beforehand or collaborate with specialized experts to gain visibility without spending a lot of money.


Having an Instagram presence isn’t enough to draw your target audience’s attention and advertise your goods. To begin, keep in mind that your prospective consumers have many choices available to them, so it is critical that you provide them with what they want.

In other words, making Instagram videos is essential for social media marketing success. With these easy Instagram video ideas, you can improve brand recognition, engagement, and sales without investing a lot of money.